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forlordandland's Journal

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This community is a Rohan ( Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkein) RPG.

Here, you generate a character, and use these characters in interactions with others.

This is a respectful community. ABSOLUTELY NO FANGIRLISMS. That is, no teenybopping, no "so-and-so is hott..." crap.

It HELPS if you've read the book, but on rare occasions we will let someone in who hasn't.

There is no such thing as a "spoiler." If we need to say something about a latter movie or book, we will, with no warning. Don't get upset.

This RPG is set in Rohan, the Riddermark, approximately a year after the Downfall of Sauron. Eomer Eadig is king. Rohan is its own, free nation, but is allied with Gondor. The main force of evil was vanquished, but Orcs and foul men still roam the land.

Characters should be from Rohan, either born there, or married into a family. No elves, no half-elves, and only a rare character with less than half elvish blood.

No mary-sues; NO BOOK CHARACTERS OR RELATIONS TO BOOK CHARACTERS. The founders of this RPG love, practically LIVE on Tolkein, and do not want to accidently corrupt anybody.

If you want to become a member, post an application in the LiveJournal of the admin, Cretey. She has a post set up for applications. Or, if you're shy, you can e-mail her at creters67@yahoo.com . You wiill not have posting acess until you are accepted. Once you are accepted, you will be expected to make a character LJ.

This character LJ should have your character biography in the "info" section, and any writings of just your character as entries.

When applying, be sure to put:
What they do/Where they live
Details (If you're a rider, sword name, horse name, etc....)